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Graylock is the new Kin Leader!
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 About the Cooking Profession

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PostSubject: About the Cooking Profession   Wed May 20, 2009 6:55 am

"A long march can be made all the easier with the promise of a good meal at the end. While it may seem a mundane talent, a good cook is every adventurer's best friend!"

The Neránian HEAD CHEF is:


Cooking is essential for the survival for all people's of Middle-earth, but especially Hobbits. Any adventurer can tell you that travelling with Hobbits can be a tiresome task when it comes to breaking for meals! However, food provides many benefits to all so don't complain too much! A cook can provide food that increases your Power and Morale Regeneration as well as giving boosts to many common stats, such as Might or Vitality.

Farmers can locate food throughout the lands of Middle-earth using their Track Crops skill. They can also grow vegetable crops on Vegetable Farmland. There are rare times that you can find a vegetable at a Novice Cook or Expert Cook.

Remember to keep your Cook friends in mind if you ever come accross a good vegetable crop as they can then provide you with your esssential meals, unless of course you want to live off yucky trail rations all the time.

Associated Vocations: Tinker, Yeoman

Required Tools

* Cooking supplies (e.g., Bronze Cooking Supplies)
* Oven (found in Bree, Combe, Bywater, and many other places)
* Superior Oven (for Artisan and Master Tiers, found in Michel Delving)
* Campfire (stationary campfires can be found in many areas throughout the lands, they can be made with Item:Campfire Materials, or a Hunter can produce one as a skill}


Many ingredients can be bought from a Farmer or from a Novice Cook and Expert Cook

* Novice cooks sell common ingredients, and are found near normal ovens.
* Expert cooks sell rare ingredients, and are found near the Superior Oven in Michel Delving.

Critical Success

To make a critted item, a Cook must have acheived Mastery at the level they are in.

* They then have a base 5% chance to achieve a critical success
* Crafted Cooking Supplies increase the chance
* Crafted Scholar's scrolls give a 1-minute buff, which further increases the chance of a critical success


Gil Greenbush / Novice Cook / Found at: Bree (Three-farrow Crafting Hall)

Petunia Greenhand / Novice Cook / Found at: Michel Delving (The Crafting Fair)

Nameless artist /Novice Cook / Found at: Bywater (Outside The Green Dragon)

Gamall / Novice Cook / Found at: Thorin's Hall (North-eastern part of the Hall)

Faengamil / Novice Cook / Found at: Celondim (By the other profession trainers)

Jewel Underhill / Expert Cook / Found at: Michel Delving (The Crafting Fair)

List of Cookery-Crafted Items
Cook Recipe Index

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About the Cooking Profession
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