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 The Neránians, past and present.

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PostSubject: The Neránians, past and present.   Mon May 18, 2009 3:18 pm

2130 - 3018 TA:
For over eight hundred years The Neránians worked in the shadows of the street-lamps, aiding the Rangers in their task to keep The Free Peoples safe from various enemies.
Not only Men and Hobbits but Dwarf and even Elves join their number, working in secret to keep their people safe.
The responsibility of leader was always passed down to a Vorshadir in honour of Alulus
and the group worked tirelessly to watch all the places The Rangers could not.
Unsung heroes and unknown saviors, being a Neránian is a thankless task, but a necessary one.

September 20th, 3018 TA:
In late Spetember of 3018 TA the then leader of The Neránians, Balishaf Vorshadir was approached by a Ranger who went by the name of 'Strider' who explained a grim and terrifying message:
A darkness comes to Bree which he believed was on route to the home of the Hobbits.
It is a darkness which cannot be defeated or stopped by mortal means and while his charge was to make contact with parties in Hobbiton, he knew he could not get there in time.
Understanding what was needed of him, Balishaf agreed to head off this incoming force for Striders' sake, to give him time to perform his duty.
Knowing that he and his men faced certain death, Balishaf gathered together all the Neránians who were near to Bree and gave them the option to leave should they wish.

None choose to do so.

As Strider left the Prancing Pony Balishaf and twenty-nine men left for the ancient ruin of Weathertop to stop this force, a place Strider believed they may be touched by Shadow on route to the Shire.
Only Balishaf's son, Mythgar was unable to go, struck down as he was with a fever he had suffered from for weeks. A runner was sent to contact Argothir, one of Balishaf's most trusted men as the leader of The Neránians knew his son would need aid in the months ahead. Though he wishes for his old friend at his side, Balishaf knew Argothir could not reach Weathertop in time to stand with them.
As The Neránians made their stand at Weathertop, they are slain to the last man but slowed the force - which proved to be four Wringeraiths - and gave Strider the vital time he needed to complete his goal.

Mythgar awoke to find a note from his father explaining all that had transpired, placing him ownership of what remains of The Neránians.
Solemly performing his duty in the face of such tragedy, Mythgar set out to round up the remaining Neránians and try to recruit new members to the cause..

Last edited by Mythgar on Tue May 26, 2009 4:28 am; edited 4 times in total (Reason for editing : corrected chronilogical errors, reverted portions of the text to past-tense and added a passage on Argothir)
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The Neránians, past and present.
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