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 September, 3018 TA

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PostSubject: September, 3018 TA   Mon May 25, 2009 4:52 pm

September 25th, 3018 TA:

As Mythgar took a respite from going through his fathers notes, plans and orders for The Neránians he stepped out into the afternoon sun of Bree's town square to find his old mentor and father's greatest friend, Argothir of Gondor speaking with a tradesman by the fountain of three boars.

Overjoyed to see a friendly face among such turmoil, Mythgar presented the weary Argothir with food and lodging at the Prancing Pony and the two spent the afternoon discussing the events over pipe weed and some of Barliman Butterbur's finest drink.

Argothir explained that once he had recieved the summons from Balishaf and the nature of the call, he sent out summons of his own to Neránians who were operating in the field. He did not know how many would (or could) answer, but by nightfall they had their answer:

The two were met by another Man from the Land of Stone, a defender who went by the name of Greylock. The Borderman brought dire news that the forces of the ancient Enemy were stirring and that mysterious creatures were abroad. As the night progressed and the three assumed that only they would be left to rekindle The Neránians, they came to notice that a hush had overcome the usually vibrant inn and as Argothir went to investigate, he found the reason in the shape of Belegorphor, a fair-skinned Elf from the distant land of Lothlórien and ally of many a battle. Joining the others, Belegorphor stated that the Bordermen among his own people would help aid The Neránians of Bree.

As the four spoke and Mythgar recieved information from the others as to the rough numbers of active Neránians out on missions during The Stand at Weathertop, it became apparent that their numbers were small and that if they were to continue their sacred charge they would need to rebuild and regroup. Under Argothir's counsel, Mythgar appointed the three to go forth and help recruit new members to fill the ranks of The Neránians, as he himself would also do...

September 26th, 3018 TA:

Though Belegorphor departed immediately on the night of the 25th, the three men made preparations to leave in the next couple of nights, wanting to tie up some loose ends in the town before making their way.
Upon the midday of the 26th, an Elven maiden entered Bree accompanied by a Hobbit woman. It seemed the two had met upon the road to Bree, that they were both agents working far abroad. The two took lunch with the men and introduced themselves as Edhewenar of the Elves, a Lore-Keeper and traveler and Cubella, a Hobbit who hailed not from The Shire, but from distant Minas Tirith.

The five spoke long through the day and into the night in a room kindly supplied by Barliman Butterbur at The Prancing Pony, discussing not only The Stand at Weathertop, but the movements of the Enemy and the rebuilding of the once-great Neránians.
When Cubella mentioned that she had seen a 'Dark Rider' in her travels - one which struck a striking similarily to the one the Ranger Strider mentioned to Balishaf before The Stand - the group decided to move somewhere private and took flight by horse to an old private estate of Edhewenar's just outside of Bree (It seemed the Elf maiden had been there before, probably long before the births of the others). There they discussed future plans, concerns and words of trust which ended in Edhewenar presenting Mythgar with an ancient Elven relic meant originally for his father...

September 27th, 3018 TA:

Upon the midday of the twenty-seventh, Mythgar was informed by the staff of The Prancing Pony that another Hobbit had been asking about him earlier in the morning and so the Rohirrim decided to wait at the Inn to see if the Hobbit made another appearance.
As it happens he was not kept waiting long, as less than an hour later a lone hobbit entered the Inn and enquired once again at the bar if Mythgar was available.
Introducing himself to the new arrival, Mythgar found that his name was Rederic Oddfoot, a travelling bard who hailed from the sleepy hamlet of Frogmorton deep in The Shire.
Responding to the summons Rederic was somewhat tight-lipped about his association with The Neránians and, although jovial enough, seemed reluctant to divulge much information in the crowded inn.
Instead the two went to a largely unoccupied part of the town known as 'Scholars Square' where Rederic revealled that he too had seen one of the Dark Riders on his way to Bree. Concerned, Mythgar mentioned the situation with The Stand at Weathertop and the predicament of the remaining Neránians but his fears were abaited when Rederic pledged himself to the cause without hesitation.
As they discussed the situation they were happened upon by Argothir, and Mythgar introduced them, one to the other.
With another soul among the chosen, The Neránians continued to grow in number and strength.
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Posts : 261
Join date : 2009-05-18
Age : 39
Location : Bournemouth, UK

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PostSubject: Re: September, 3018 TA   Sat May 30, 2009 3:20 am

September 29th, 3018 TA:
When Mythgar was visited by a Raven on the morning of the 29th, he initially saw it as an ill omen, but the bird carried a message in its talons addressed to Balishaf Vorshadir. The message was from a Lore-Keeper who went by the name of 'Nar'alin'. This man said he had information on the movement of some 'dark riders' but would only discuss such matters with one of his own kind, a Lore-Keeper - and they had to come alone. The note mentioned he would be in the ruins of Minas Eriol for seven nights beginning on the 1st October 3018.

To this end, Mythgar prepares to send Arogthir and Bellethriel ahead to clear the route of bandits and remain hidden and spoke to Edhewenar, their most senior Lore-Keeper about going to meet with Nar'alin.

On that same night he also requested Cubella use her extensive stealth skills to keep an eye on the Bree Guard and report back to him on her findings, since he had receieved reports of them acting strangely in the past few nights and wanted to know if there was any credence to the stories and rumours.
The reports that Cubella replied with were most troubling, it seemed that both Mythgar and Argothir were among a list of 'suspicious persons' the Bree Guard were investigating, and so the two would need to keep a lower profile for a time.

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September, 3018 TA
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