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 Journal of Edhewenar Kellon from Lórien, written from 26th September 3018 TA

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PostJournal of Edhewenar Kellon from Lórien, written from 26th September 3018 TA

26th September 3018 TA
I still can't get over Balishaf's death. Only if I was around Bree that day, not at frosty Forochel borders. Balishaf may lived now. My knowledge of light-lore would definitely help to defeat black riders, I'm sure of it. Maybe all of this had to happen. Sadly time can't be altered. With message about Balishaf's heroic death at Weathertop, a notice from Mythgar came. He was calling all remaining Neránians. So I rode to Bree.
This town never changes. The smells, suspicious people, always the same. I never get used to cities like this one.
When I was hopping down of Umali ( poor horsey, I shouldn't rush him that fast ), I glanced Mythgar. Or I thought it was him. Last time I've seen him he was like 12 or so. Resemblance with his father cannot be hidden though. Then Argothir came and I met a hobbit miss called Cubella and Greylock, man from Rohan. Then we settled in my house ( i should clean it more frequently, it was kind of embarassing bringing them into dusty house full of spiderwebs ) and discussed our uneasy situation. Mythgar will be a good leader, he inherited many noble traits of his father. Argothir was, as always, loyal to current leader and swore to serve the cause. I still don't know what to think about Cubella, hobbits are not that reliable in common, she will have to convince me else by her action as time passes. Greylock is kind of quiet, reserved man.
At the end of meeting I gave an expensive relic to Mythgar, to sell it and support organization financially.
We discussed about threat of black-riders. Rumours said, that common folks encountered some of them. But first I have to ride to Rivendell and try to recruit someone trustworthy to our cause.

End of entry.
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Journal of Edhewenar Kellon from Lórien, written from 26th September 3018 TA :: Comments

28th September 3018 TA
I just woke up a few whiles ago. Morning sun is beautiful in Rivendell and I can see waterfall from my window. It's almost as nice here like in Lórien. I just find a little disturbing when I see all this men, dwarves, hobbits running around.
Upon my arrival yesterday afternoon, I saw a familliar face near the Last Homely Home. It was Bellethriel, my old friend. We haven't seen each other since I left Lórien. I am really happy I could meet her. We were talking about many things when I decided to tell her about the Neránians. I believe that we can use her abilities with bow and tracking. Although she is a little cold to people she doesn't know, I hope that behavior won't manifest itself when confronting Neránians later. She agreed to my proposition. I knew she would, Bellethriel shares same opinion with me about helping Middle-earth.
So she rode to Bree right after we finished our discussion.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet anybody else that I would know, and asking strangers is not an option. I'll be riding back to another Neránian meeting, that takes place tomorrow evening in Bree. I'll just bid farewell to few people, so I should be leaving Rivendell by noon. I wonder what news will Mythgar and other fellows have about the Black-riders.
End of entry.
29th September 3018 TA
Today was kind of relaxing day. Ride to Bree from Rivendell was calming and comfortable. I wish it was always like that, I wish enemies weren't always on move. I can sense darkness overwhelming nature around us. Something terrible will happen soon.
I reached Bree gates when morning was getting older, stalled Umali near Prancing Pony and bought myself fresh and tasty toast with a glass of milk. Barliman's a great cook, I never get fed up with food he prepares. While I was eating and observing two men, sleeping in the corner ( guess they had too much bewerage last night ), I decided to investigate small settlements of farmers and woodworkers outside the city walls. I had some time until evening when meeting was taking place.
I went to a small lumber camp near Combe. I wasn't asking questions regarding Black-riders yet. First I want to build up mutual trust between us. I chat with their leader about business, woods and common info. Althought the woodworkers aren't wealthy, they shared a little they have with me. It always brings me a joy when I see good-hearted people in this cold times.
I left them when sun was setting down and went to the Pony again. Only Mythgar was there, but soon Cubella and Bele...( I don't even remember his name, how rude of me ) had arrived. We again moved to my house and Mythgar gave me a mission. I have to ride into eastern Lone-lands region and seek a lore-keeper called Nar'alin. Argothir and Bellethriel are already there, making sure my path will be clear of any danger, because Nar'alin will only speak to me. I hope they are allright and Argothir is watching over Bellethriel. She is skilled, but still a little inexperienced when dwelling in lands she doesn't know that much.
Still, I don't have to rush as I have 2 days left. I think I will begin a deeper investigation on Bree's countryside.
And not to forget, Cubella, is pretty skilled with making alcohol, I didn't know that. Drink she gave me was delicious, I will surely ask for it later. But I want her to bring some informations not only food and drinks.

End of entry.
1st October 3018 TA
It's late in the morning, and I am sitting at my home now, eating wild fruits I've collected earlier and smoking Shire sweet-leaf tobacco. Order from Mythgar is still uncomfirmed, so I don't have to rush, what suits me well.
Yesterday, I woke up early, eating just one piece of dry Lembas bread, that was still hiding in my bag from the time I was in Rivendell. Then rode to lumber-camp. Although Bree was rather quiet with most inhabitants sleeping, woodworker camp was like one big living mass. I seeked out their leader again. I think he felt that I haven't visited him only for a chat again. When I mentioned Black - riders his face recieved uneasy look and I saw that this topic isn't new to him. I told him to take his time. " Sometimes in the night I hear loud horse-shoe noise, pounding on the soil hardly. It started to happen around 2 or 3 weeks ago." he goes. " When I first heard that noise I went to check it out. Grabbed the lantern and went out of the cottage. I saw a silhouette of a person, dressed in big cape, riding a huge horse. Horse stopped and person looked on me. At that moment I felt dread, fear and hopelessness of intensity I've never experienced before. That's why I quickly returned to my bed and locked the doors tight. And from that days, every once in a while it appears, like it's looking for something. I can only assure you dear lady, that thing on a horse is not human. It's a demon. " He finished and asked for pardon to leave. I think I'll create other section of my journal to convey investigations, I don't want to fill my personal pages with this informations. Many other woodworkers comfirmed words of their leader and said, even dogs are whining when Black-rider appears.
After that I went home and searched my books, trying to find anything written about Black-riders. When I opened the book called " Detailed history of the Second-age", I came across topic about Morgoth's liutenant Sauron, that was left in Middle-Earth. Black-riders, once men, corrupted by the influence of Rings of Power. They became his servants and are going by the name Nazghúl. What are Sauron's servants doing here? This is mostly disturbing. I shall concentrate on this matter in further investigations.
Apart from unpleasant uncoverings, I rode to Shire to hear concert of The Shades. They are well-known musician group and I like their songs. That made me forget about these dark-times a little. After that we were invited into Bellethriel's miniature version of dwarf mine. I can't understand how is she able to live there.However, rest of the night we drank, danced ( dance with Argothir was fun, I haven't danced in a long time ) and simply we were just having a good time. Rederic was overconfident about his drinking skills and ended up hammered, poor little fellow. I took the chance and warned Belle about Lone-lands. I'm glad that she listens at least to my advices.On the other hand, Cubella was as always our main cook and drink provider. I think she earned some money selling drinks at Shades concert. I'm just still not concerned about her abilities as a Grey Watch.
After a farewell I came home late night and fall asleep quickly, dreaming of quiet Lothlórien forests and my mother. Ach, my mother how I miss you.

End of entry.
2nd Ocotober 3018 TA
This is only a short entry. Mythgar came to my house in the morning. He told me that I should ride to Lone-lands, around time when sun will be highest. I invited him for a cup of milk and some breakfast, but he politely refused. Guess, he have a lot of work to do. So I packed my equipment and food to last a few days. I still had to buy some blinding flash from Bree, to get myself out of bad situations.
Now, I'm sitting at the Prancing Pony, eating roasted meat and thinking about Argothir and Belle. Hope they all allright and did their job. I want to be there as fast as possible, due to my curiosity about information I should recieve from that lore-keeper.

End of entry.
4th October 3018 TA
At last I found a time to write recent events down. Mission in the Lone-lands was a terrible experience. Nar'alin was kidnapped or killed, I was taken by orcs as a hostage. They viciously attacked me and i was only able to use warning flare. Only if I was prepared, aware of the upcoming danger. I would kill them all, I wouldn't spare a single one! But no, I've let my guard down, I felt safe near Nar'alin. I shall never do same mistake again. Never!
Thanks to my fellows Neránians I was rescued. I see Bellethriel has grown, she was able to survive even most dangerous rescue mission in heart of enemy base. I can never repay them that. But from now they won't have to rescue me from anywhere. This mistake won't happen again.
Now, sitting at the desk, waiting for my stabbed leg to heal completly. It is recovering fast indeed, I'm applying leeches to the wound, to prevent infection and use many healing herbs.
Hoard of books around me. I was studying Sauron as much as possible. Nar'alin's information made me feel unease. I think he may be looking for the Ring of Power, that was once used to decieve human kings. But Sauron is far to the east in land called Mordor, he is a major threat indeed, but still far away from these lands. What concerns me more are black - riders. How could they be possibly defeated? And they are also using vile flying monsters as a mount I saw, not only horses. This is very disturbing. It means they can travel very fast withour being eventually seen when veil of night surrounds us. I have to find some clue, something, anything that could help us.

End of entry.
18th October 3018 TA
It is a long time since I last held mine journal in hands. A week after the events at the Minas Eriol was quite calm. My leg healed rather quickly, despite the fact that it was injured very badly. Thanks Valar for our regeneration ability. My friends came to pay me a visit few times. With some fine food or delicious fruits to cheer me up and chat a little. They filled my heart with hope and strenght to continue on our quest, when I was desperate and my spirit wasn't in my body at all. Mythgar mentioned something about upcoming Weathertop memorial stand for our fallen fellows. Brave men,hobbits and elves like them must not be forgotten, but sadly, I can't attend to shed a tear for them.
I'm departing to Lórien today, as a rumour that orcs are threatening the Golden Forest got to my ears. Vision of leaves falling slowly, burning and disappearing into darkness won't let me sleep well. I have to go and look for myself.
I wonder how are dwarves proceeding with reclaiming Khazad-Dúm as I have to travel through that mountain land. I suspect that Durin's folk have something to do with orcs in Lórien. I am almost sure they had dug too deep again and forced orcs to leave for borders of my homeland. But I'm not in position to judge them until I check the situation myself.
I fear that I'll meet mine father, and we would get into a big argument, If he has the same opinions and views as he had when I was leaving. Many years had passed but I still can't approve of his actions. Observing and not doing anything...so stupid and short-sighted. Maybe Lady Galádriel and Lord Celeborn would allow me to meet them and enlighten me with their wisdom.
On more positive tone, I'm glad when I met Lirael, my friend from times, when I was in Militia. She told me, that she became a leader to a group of fine people, fighting shadow fiercly. I proposed that they could become our weapons in this unpleasant times. We are small in numbers, so we can't attack enemies in the heart of their camps and dens. I saw she grew more responsible than before when we were helping simple folks of Bree and outskirting lands. But that fire is still burning in her eyes, yet more controlled than ever.
I'm getting out of ink, so I'm going to prepare myself for the journey to Lórien.

End of entry.

Journal of Edhewenar Kellon from Lórien, written from 26th September 3018 TA

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