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 Bellethriel's Journal from 28th September 3018 TA

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PostBellethriel's Journal from 28th September 3018 TA

28th September, 34018 Third Age

I can't tell you how much I hate people, they're everywhere and all crammed into towns like there's nowhere else to live! I really should avoid Rivendell when I come back from Misty Mountains after hunting hides.
Today was a good time to be in Rivendell though, if I'd avoided it this journey I wouldn't have met Edhewenar Kellon from home, how i miss the space and air of Lothlorien!
It was such a delight to bump into Ed again, just a shame the news she carried was not better, seems the Neranians require help. Of course I'll join them and give whatever aid I can. It's just sad to know my old friend Argothir is neck deep in trouble, but then that's how he was when I first met him on a hunting trip years past. Well ok, maybe he wasn't in trouble and can handle 6 giant bears easily, but most men would have succumed. It was his tirumph that won my instant respect, he has the grace of us elves and the mastery of sword I would be proud to hold. This doesn't make the news of Black Riders any easier to hear.
As soon as I had finished speaking with Ed I left her side and made for Bree on the next stable mount available. I've always been a little out of sort's in towns and was glad to know that as I was heading to Bree then i'd be close to my house in the quiet secrecy of Thorin's Hall. So I decided to head home and rest for the night before doing anything else.
Yes I know it's a little strange me liking Dwarf folk but I have to say their mistrust of all people and especially other elves has given me the most secure lodging's affordable to a huntress like me. For a small share in my daily catch they give me house in a near deserted neighbourhood, which they guard as though it were filled with Mithril. Such fools these Dwarves but so dear to me in their innocence.
Home at last, time to light the fire and eat a little before bed I think.

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Bellethriel's Journal from 28th September 3018 TA :: Comments

29th September, 3018 Third Age

After doing my early morning fishing for the day I decide I should head back into Bree and see if i can find Argothir and Mythgar of the Neranians and see how I can assist them.
I must admit that after spending the last few months in solitude whilst hunting and fishing I'm keen to see a familiar and friendly face. I've not seen Mythgar for many a year and i'm sure he was a child by human's own standards then. Though I'm not sure as they all look like children to me, even if he does have an air of nobility to him.
As I head to the Bree vault to leave a few things in safe keeping I happily meet Argo and Myth, after a breif chat we decide to meet shortly in the Prancy Pony for the sake of discussing matters at hand, again the whisper of Black Riders meets my ears. I dislike this news greatly and fear for mortals. Well, maybe only a few of them, but there are so many of the things around I wonder how they manage at all, but alas my sympathy is theirs and I will always try my best to look after their brief lights of existance.
I fear I ponder too much on trivial matters of late, oh to breath fresh county air and have only the wild as my companion! I really should avoid towns.
So I finish a little business and head to the Pony and find Argo already supping in the back room. As soon as I see him I recall his love of music and decide to play him a few old songs he'd remember from our previous meeting's, tis nice to see him smile like he did when he heard them, for all his hardness he's a very soft soul and kind hearted man, loyal to the core. I admire him greatly for all this and more. Maybe his patience with my lack of patiance with others is his most endearing quality to me, I don't know for sure.
Whilst playing a song together we're positively molested by a hobbit of the most rudest nature I've ever had the disgust to meet. He walks right up to us and demands to know our business and tells us he's suspicious of us, the very nerve of him actually speaking before being acknowledged by me is astounding! I'm just about to give him a verbal beating when Argo in all his patience tells me to calm myself and deals with the matter of the young Hobbit, who informs us is of the Bree Guard. Not sure that means anything but a little further investigation is required I think.
Shortly into this chat between Argo and the Hobbit, Myth arrives with a distant and thoughfull look in his eyes and seats himself at the fire, without so much as a word other than to say hello. I feel his unease as though it were a hunted stags fear. I sense he does not feel safe at the Pony, so I suggest we leave and head somehwere safer to speak freely of our troubles and Argo offers his home as our place of safety.
I left Argo and Myth to make their own way there as I needed to check all was well at the vault and to visit my old friend to see if he could mount a few fishing trophy's for me. I arrive at Argo's house just as they do, still makes me chuckle how slow humans travel when not aided by hunters like myself.
As soon as we enter Argo's I take the liberty of lighting his fire and sit there to warm my toes as is my habbit. Myth then takes a large gulp of ale provided by our good host Argo and launches into his discussion of recent events and of a recent message from a Lore-Master seeking a meeting with a similar fellow of the Neranians, of course that could only be Ed as she is by far the most Lore knowledged kinsman I ever met. I instantly feel ill at ease with the thought of her having to go alone and jump at the chance to scout the way ahead for her with the assistance of Argo.
I bid my fond farewells and head home to make preperations for our scouting trip.
30th September, 3018 Third Age

Not much to do today but gather small item for our journey. Though saying that they may be small but fish hooks are always needed if we are to eat more than Lembas on our trip. Even if Argo is able to eat meat other than fish I cannot. Quite strange I know for a hunter of hides to not eat meat from my kill but I do sell it and often give it away to people I know who are in need of support.
In the afternoon I take a quick trip into Bree to see the taxidermist, my friend Elmo and see how he's getting on with my trophy's. They should be done soon so I will be able to make some cash from them to aid the Neranians more in our efforts.
After returning home I make my daily catch and send out supplies to everyone I owe. I must not forget the Dwarves for theirs is a generous gift of safety which comes from my home.
I wonder when Myth will give word for Argo and I to leave here and start our scouting mission, i've been home for too long and I'm beginging to feel caged.
31st September, 3018 Third Age

What a thing to wake up thinking about! Dresses! Oh well, suppose I should do my fishing before the sun rises any higher.
Concert night tonight, I wonder if I should actually bother to change out of my normal clothes, seems to be important to the others so I guess I should make some effort. Really don't like the idea of being unarmed though. Oh well the others know the Shire better than I do.
Oh well, fishing's done, I'm already late so no excuses left, I better drop by Michel Delving for a 'frock' of some form on the way. I hate people, really I do.
...Oh my, I don't recall a time when I have laughed so much for so long, I'm sure my ribs will hurt for days to come.
The concert was not the best for me, far too many people. Yes i know, any more than three people is too many for me but there was hundreds, or at least that's how it felt to me! Though I did meet a friend of Cubbie's called Rederic. Charming Hobbit he was too, got quite drunk of Cubbies fine ale's and declared he'd 'pulled' one of the band members, whatever that means. I wonder how is head will be in the morning poor fellow.
Anyway, after the concert everyone came back here to my house for a little gathering for my Birthday recently. We did drop by Argo's for a short while as he lives quite close to mine.
Cubbie imediately made herself at home and passed out drunk on my bed, bless her little feet, she worked so hard at the concert selling Pipe-weed and ale to any who would buy it. I'm sure she made a nice profit too.
It was wonderful to see everyone happy and relaxed and Ed even danced! I can't recall the last time I saw Ed dance. All the merriement as made me quite giddy with delight i'm glad to say. How I do cherish these people as though they were my family already.
Ed did share her concerns for my safety on this coming scouting trip, so i reminded her how long it has been since she last saw me and that I have had chance aplenty to improve my lowly hunter skills. I don't think she's reassured by that so much as the knoewledge that Argo will be with me, even though he is only a fraction of my age. This also made me laugh!
Time for bed I think and I have plenty to dream on.
1st October, 3018 Third Age

I wake and feel a subtle change in the atmoshpere with the start of this month, something feels wrong, though I have no idea what that may be. Not a good way to wake but at least I am up early and can get my fishing done before others come to share my favourite spot.
I don't know when Myth will give the go ahead for our scouting trip so I must try at some point to contact Ed and let her know we haven't left yet as i'm sure she'll be worrying herself sick over us both already and for no need.
Oh well nothing much to do today, just catch up on tanning some hides I had promised Argo and a few small things to gather for our coming trip. Which really is in need of coming soon, I'm finding myself more and more restless. I may have to go and Find Myth tomorrow and see what he thinks about leaving tomorrow or the next day.
Now I've said that but who should arrive at my door but Myth himself, seems now is the time to leave.
I hastily pack the rest of my things and head to Argo's home.

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2nd October, 3018 Third Age

The Forsaken Inn is so very well named, there's a whole in the roof and they know it's there and still tried to give Argo and I quaters under the whole. Seriously I have no idea why Argo stopped me from slapping the Inn keep for the cheek of trying to charge us for sleeping under the star! The man is far too forgiving indeed.
But at least we got a good room with a roof out of the deal so we slept well last night, if u can call 3 hours sleep well.
We wake very early and decide to sort our own breakfast instead of partiking in the Inn's fine cuisine...
So to this end and the ovbious eagornous to be out scouting the area for Ed's journey later today we start having a hunt round the Inn and the local area.
There isn't much to say about the place, it's so not lived in it's palpable when life is near, though I fear the life I sense is not human or animal more so Orc kind at best and I feel the anger of evil beasts close by too. I only have to glance at Argo to know he is aware of what I sense, though he may not be as keenly aware as I, to know what it is that is about. But he does know something evil lurks closely.
We find some berries and decide to make do with a light bite before setting off to see what we can find and start clearing the way for Ed.
3rd October, 3018 Third Age

Today was spent the same as yesterday, scouting the local and elimiating what evil that crossed our paths. I have noted what appears to be more orc kind than usual in this area from the little I know of the Lone Lands. That may mean nothing though, we'll just have to wait and see.
Talking of waiting, an unease is settling over myself and Argo as we stay here, something just isn't right with this place and neither of us can voice what it may be.
However, it is nice to be out scouting again, even if I'm not alone as i would wish and having to take shelter at the Inn. I can't have everything my own way all the time is what I know Ed would tell me in her sweet manner. I hope she's well and the others too. Curiously I find myself very attached to them all already.
4th October, 3018 Third Age

What a day this has been and I don't mean in a good way either!
After spending most of the day as we had done the last few, Argo and I were just making our way back to the Inn for a brief respite before a night time scouting trip when I see a Bane Flare go off over Minos Eriol. I know as soon as I see the elven flare that it means Ed is in grave danger. I advice Argo of this fact and he immediately grabs his weapons and heads in that direction. Thankfully for my elven grace and speed I manage to catch him and beg for him to fetch the others as he has his own mount and I do not. With the amount of orc kind we have slain these last few days alone I fear there may be more in the ruins and do not think Argo and I alone could manage a rescue attempt.
I wish him a very speedy journey and stand outside the Inn ever watchful to the south of it and the ruins for more signs from Ed.
After what seems like an age and at the same time a mere blink of time passing and I sense the others, Myth, Argo, Cubbie, Red and Grey nearing. Though my heart is gladdened to see them I also deeply fear for us with what lies ahead.
As they arrive I inform them of the orc kind and beasts we have encountered and the direction in which I saw the Flare. Myth takes charge and heads off into the ruins at a feriocious pace. It pleases me as we meet the first goblin on the path and a brief look of fear crosses his face before it returns to it's stone cold visage. Myth dispatches of him in a mere two stokes and we press on further into the ruins.
We fight constantly through the ruins, slaying one orc kind after another, followed by wargs, followed by orc kind again. It seems we make circles upon the ruins as we look for Ed and know only her general direction. I pray that she is well and we make it to her in time.
Suddenly I notice a circular building with the ruins just as Myth and Argo spy the same building. All of us instantly head there knowing beyond doubt that this is where Ed will be found. As we draw near Cubbie tries to sneak ahead and make sure that Ed really is within these ruined walls when Red gets a little too close in his concern for her wellbeing and attracts the attention of the orc kind guarding the entrance. What follows I can only describe as a battle of many blows to the point it all became a blur untill all the orc kind were laying upon the ground either dead or dying. Argo hastens into the building and we all follow in hope of finding her.
Cubbie spots her immediately as she's lying upon the floor by the western wall. She does not look well, as Myth goes to help her up my breath catches as she falls back to the ground and cries out in pain. Red heads straight to her and notices her leg is badly damaged and she will at best only be able to limp out of here with support. This means more ill tidings as we can not flee in the manner we first thought we might be able to and another battle is required to escape. I look to all my fellows and it gladdens my heart to see everyone of them pleased that Ed is well and prepared for further battle to ensure she stays that way.
For what seems like an eternity to me which must have felt worse for the others we fight. We fight goblins, orc kind, wargs and so on far into the night to make good our rescue and escape the ruins at last.
Just as we leave the ruins and are on the road to the Inn and everyone is still with us and only slightly hurt, except for poor Ed of course, I spy a track of horse hoof prints that are unlike any horse I have ever seen and decide to take my leave and follow them to whereever they may lead. I beg for Myth's permission to go which he grants knowing I would go anyway, he's such a wise young man, kiss Ed farewell and wish the others safe travels and I leave to follow the tracks as they head towards the east.

Bellethriel's Journal from 28th September 3018 TA

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