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Graylock is the new Kin Leader!
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 cubellas journal 30 septembre 3018 TA

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Postcubellas journal 30 septembre 3018 TA

i took a brake from my investigashun for the consert today but aftre the party at bellthreells i went back to bree to cuntinue my werk. i watched quiatly the gard when they did their rownds befoor the consert but aftre the consert i began using a diffrent approach. i new that many of the gard were based out of the bree jail so i desided to dig up what ever i could from thare. aftre olmost a ower serching i fownd in wun of the desks a list with of names of twenty or so suspected crimanuls. i have that list here mithgar with my reports. thare may be copys of the list but this will set atleast wun of them back. ile have moor to add tommorow.
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cubellas journal 30 septembre 3018 TA :: Comments

Re: cubellas journal 30 septembre 3018 TA
Post on Mon Jun 01, 2009 5:25 am by Cubella
Suspected Criminals

Baldur Thalaeneus
Balishaf Vorshadir
Sunni Salor
Brilock Banash
Tyrus Talon
Murry Nuron
Waylun Puron
Vinick Colonus
Eziah Gralofer
Tanyc of the Second People
Glinnyn Valor
Ibing Relas
Geddyn Warden
Mythgar Vorshadir


cubellas journal 30 septembre 3018 TA

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