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 October, 3018 TA

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PostSubject: October, 3018 TA   Fri Jun 05, 2009 11:48 am

October 1, 3018 TA:

Argothir of Gondor and the Elven huntress Bellethriel take counsel with Mythgar and he explains to them the situation at Minas Eriol with Nar'alin, the Lore Keeper. He says that Edhewenar, their most senior Lore-Keeper will be travelling to meet this man but that the road between Bree and the Lone-Lands is a treacherous one, and he would like the both of them - as wilderness experts - to go ahead of Edhewenar and clear the way of any dangers that might impede her journey.
Dutiful as ever, the two ask no questions but take their leave of Mythgar to prepare for the trip immediately and leave the very same night after the sun has sunk lazily below the horizon.

October 2, 3018 TA:

Edhewenar is approached by Mythgar and told of the crow that came to him bearing a message, looking for Balishaf. Understanding what was required of her, Edhewenar volunteered to travel to Minas Eriol and meet Nar'alin before she was asked. Though concerned, Mythgar knew that the Elf he has known since childhood was more than capable of looking after herself but was glad that Argothir and Bellethrriel were ahead nonetheless. He explained that the two were ahead of her, but that Nar'alin had asked to be met alone, so Edhewenar would not be able to make contact with the two Neránian agents. This she agreed to, and set out just after nightfall.
On the same night as Edhewenar's departure, Argothir and Bellethriel reach The Forsaken Inn across the border in The Lone-Lands and begin their operation.

October 3, 3018 TA:

Edhewenar arrives at the Lone-Lands not long after dawn on the 3rd October.
Heading into Minas Eriol she found Orcs, who all - unusually - shy away from her and don't block her path. After searching the ruins for some time she finds Nar'alin, who has set up a small campfire atop one of the ruined stone outcrops. He is a human who looks quite old and is attired similarly to Gandalf (the gray) complete with long beard, pointed hat, robes and staff. He seems jovial enough and invites her to join him for a drink. His familiar, a large black crow who hops about the place generally making noise, matches the description given by Mythgar.

As Nar'alin begins explaining that he has encountered many dark goings on further to the east and that he has uncovered some lore about Sauron gathering forces of darkness to him and forming a large army in Angmar, Edhewenar begins feeling a sudden sense of dread and looks up just in time to see a shadow blot over the sun and a large winged creature descend from the sky carrying one of the dreaded Dark Riders and snatch Nar'alin up in its claws.
At the same time the once cowed orcs rush Edhewenar from the shadows as a whole and swarm over her; clubs, claws and blades all a-flurry.

As the Nazgul makes off with Nar'alin and Edhewenar's right leg is impaled, she collapses to the floor and is overcome, but manages to let off a magical elven flare that warns Argothir and Belle she is in trouble.

Luckily the two see this and, despite Argothir's want to charge in and save Edhewenar, Bellethriel's elven logic wins over and she instead insists that he travels back to Bree with all haste to collect the others.

October 4, 3018 TA:

Argothir arrives back at the Prancing Pony in Bree midday on the 4th October, interrupting a meeting of The Neránians, informing them that Edhewenar is in trouble and that they need to accompany him immediately.
The group ride out of Bree with all haste to the Lone-Lands where they meet Bellethriel at The Forsaken Inn and she explains of the flare that Edhewenar sent up, one used to indicate she has been captured but is still in immediate danger.
Suiting up and checking their weapons and tools, the group descend into Minas Eriol.
Mythgar bolstered the courage and morale of the group as Argothir and Greylock ripped through the orcs who stood in their way, attempting to stop them reaching their friend. Bellethriel led the group, her acute elven senses working on overdrive to locate her fallen sister. Cubella was no-where to be seen but the group were acutely aware of her presence when an unseen orc would fall down from above with several darts or a dagger sticking from its back.
It was a difficult and lengthy search and the group may have faultered on more than one occasion had it not have been for the rousing and uplifting tunes that their Minstrel, Rederic supplied; giving hope in dark places.
When they did eventually find Edhewenar she was battered and injured in several places, no doubt from the less than courteous care of her orc captors, but by far her worst injury was her right leg, which was punctured straight through and, despite her bandaging of the wound, was starting to bleed again.
With Rederic and Bellethriel's help, Mythgar re-dressed the wound and although Edhewenar was conscious, she was less than lucid. Propping her up using himself as support, Mythgar asked the others to go ahead and clear the path while he and Rederic stayed behind to help carry and support the wounded elf.
The trek out of Minar Eriol was no less frought with danger, nor easier than the in-bound seige, but the seven eventually made their way back out of the valley and to The Forsaken Inn where Argothir rented a room and the group laid Edhewenar out on the bed while Rederic began inspecting her wounds.

The group listened with awe and dread as Edhewenar described her encounter with Nar'alin, and the Nazgul....

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Posts : 261
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PostSubject: Re: October, 3018 TA   Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:47 pm

October 12, 3018 TA:

Alyhia Vorshadir, younger daughter to Mythgar arrives in Bree after hearing of her fathers death. Taking some time to mourn with her brother, she pledges herself to the The Neránians, but is not taken on as a full member of either Gray Watch or Green Watch, Mythgar decides to tutor her for a time to decide if she is ready.

October 17, 3018 TA:

Thórri The Dwarf arrives in the town of Bree and seeks out Mythgar, eager to join The Neránians as a member of The Gray Watch. (Thorri, if you could give me a few details such as where you are from, how you heard of The Neránians (maybe a family member) (or maybe you were one already) I'll update this.)

October 20, 3018 TA:
A few members of The Neránians hold a memorial service at Weathertop in honour of The Thirty who died one month previously, and to bolster the spirit and fellowship of The New Neránians.

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October, 3018 TA
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