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Graylock is the new Kin Leader!
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 Y'all have fun, now. :)

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PostSubject: Y'all have fun, now. :)   Mon Jun 29, 2009 3:47 am

Sorry to be so late in coming forward folks. Sense my sense of shame over this. I’ve thought long and hard, searched my soul (and my wallet) and decided to make my exit from lotro. It was a bit unplanned but while I was separated from my gaming rig my subscription ran out. Apologies to everyone for the abruptness of my leaving.

I’ve really enjoyed roleplaying with all of you (for me that’s the best thing about the game) but in my current situation (broke and jobless) I can’t convince myself to keep paying to play a game where 90% of the time I’m soloing and not enjoying myself as much as I do playing other (old and paid for!) games.
So I’ll be popping onto the forum here now and again to say hullo and keep acquainted with Kin developments but for the foreseeable future I’ll not be playing.

Though I’ve found lotro itself a bit of a disappointment this has whetted my appetite for MMO action and can’t wait for TORing with a lot of you guys. (TORing/touring – geddit?? Haha!) So good luck and best wishes and thanks for everything and take care of each other! It’s been fun RPing with you and I'll see you round.

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Location : West Midlands

PostSubject: Re: Y'all have fun, now. :)   Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:43 am

awwwwww Red, sorry to see this post from you but as i know i shall be seeing you when we start TOR'ing it's not a goodbye, so loads less painfull to bear.

Take care, have fun in what you do and see you soon!

Love Belle xxx
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PostSubject: Re: Y'all have fun, now. :)   Mon Jun 29, 2009 3:24 pm

Damn Tricksy Hobbitses!

While we'll all miss you and your soothing tunes, I don't think any of us would have wanted you to hang around if you we'rent enjoying yourself, so we understand mate.
Its good that it has given you renewed interest in all things MMO (or rather, playing MMOs with us 'orrible lot) so even though you're leaving at least its in a positive light!
The work you did on the visuals of this site cant be overstated (The Ivy, man....the gawd-damn IVY!) and you know we'll always be massively grateful for that.
You're always welcome here and I hope that goes without saying, and although I will remove Rederic from the game roster, I will not write him out of the Lore because I am hoping to start some Forum-RP on here and would be chuffed sideways if you decided to join us on that!

For most of us here of course, this isnt really a goodbye anyway, as we see each other so often over at E.P.O.C.H., but I appreciate you coming forward about this (and writing the letter / WIN!) so that I can open the Officer position to another Kin-Member.

For now at least, I guess Red is hanging up his cloak and kicking back with a big bag o' pipe-weed at The Ivy Bush Inn.

Safe travels, my friend.

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Posts : 17
Join date : 2009-05-18

PostSubject: Re: Y'all have fun, now. :)   Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:24 pm

Cheers Belle, Mythgar. I'll cuddle your kind words to my heart on those dark and lonely nights ahead! Again, thanks for everything and I'll see you guys around.

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PostSubject: Re: Y'all have fun, now. :)   Sun Jul 05, 2009 5:47 pm

Dude! Sorry to hear you've left mate. If you wanted company you should've said mate. I've just started a Rune-Keeper that has no real friends cause he's a bit weird! Laughing

I do agree that it's annoying soloing all the time though and maybe our guild needs to work on that a little. I myself have got a bit fed up of doing it and could do with a little company every now and again. Sad

Anyway I think we all understand why mate and we still have that rather awesome TOR guild to play about in, so not all is lost!

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PostSubject: Re: Y'all have fun, now. :)   

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Y'all have fun, now. :)
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