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 Farother of Gondor

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PostSubject: Farother of Gondor   Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:33 am

I hope this is in the right place. When I first started out in LOTRO, in the EU beta. I created this background story for Farother. It's not great (I'm not good at writting stories), but it gives you all a bit of an idea about him.

Farother of Gondor (meaning- Lone Hunter/ Faroth+er)

Farother was born and raised in Minas Tirith. His parents died when he was only nine. His Mother, Arveldis died first from an illness and then his father, Norgaran passed away a few months later, of a broken heart. He was raised by his sister, Faerlain who was ten years his elder and they lived in the family home together. He became a soldier in the Gondorian Army as an Archer at the age of sixteen, rising to the rank of Officer during his nineteen years with the Army.

As a Gondorian officer he was stationed in Minas Tirith. His regiment was responsible for securing the seventh wall, the lowest of the seven 100ft levels of Minas Tirith. As a Gondorian Archer he was trained to man the battlements of this Seventh Wall.

Farother fell in love with a young woman named Baimeldis, daughter to one of his Captains. Unfortunately, Curulaer, Captain and Father to Baimeldis did not like Farother and despised him for being involved with his daughter at all. His dislike of Farother goes back years. Curulaer Was in love with Farothers Mother, but after a bitter argument their relationship ended, much to Curulaer’s dismay. Arveldis eventually fell in love with Norgaran, a Weaponsmith for the Gondorian Army. Curulaer never recovered from losing Arveldis and took his hatred of Norgaran out on Farother. Eventually Farother was betrayed by this captain, who falsely accused him of drinking while on duty and causing the death of one of his soldiers. Although Farother was known throughout the ranks as a good drinker – he liked his ale just like the next man – he also knew his responsibilities and never drank while on duty. Betrayed by the father of his one true love, Farother was charged with the death of a young soldier, disgraced, sentenced to exile and banished from the Kingdom of Gondor. Thus it came to pass that he had to leave behind his sister and his love.

That was ten years ago. He has since been roaming Middle Earth and currently finds himself in Eriador. From a decade of living off the land, Farother has become a good hunter as well as being skilled at gathering raw materials which he trades for other materials or coin. He is also quite skilled at creating leather goods, armour and the like.

One day, however, he will return to Minas Tirith, his home...

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PostSubject: Re: Farother of Gondor   Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:45 pm


A Good read, I feel I know Farother a little better already!

Thanks for sharing, Nosyd

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PostSubject: Re: Farother of Gondor   Sun Jul 19, 2009 9:54 pm

Wow! Nice work mate! Gondorian eh? He and Argo are gonna get on like a house on fire then. Maybe you could try and restore his faith in man a little!


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PostSubject: Re: Farother of Gondor   

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Farother of Gondor
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