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Graylock is the new Kin Leader!
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 Belle's "RP Suggestion Thread" has gone odd!

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PostSubject: Belle's "RP Suggestion Thread" has gone odd!   Sat Jul 18, 2009 8:36 pm

For some reason or another (I didn't touch anything, I SWEAR!) The Topic that Belle started in


Called "RP Suggestion Thread" has seemed to have....er..... become inaccessible! the name of the Thread has vanished which means I can't select it or do anything with it, and because it doesn't have a name, I can't access it in the Admin section either!

Its all a bit odd, so if anyone with wizz-skills in this wants to help me out, please feel free to leave a message here!

In the meantime I am starting a new RP Suggestions Thread, and I'll merge the two if ever I manage to get it sorted out.


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Belle's "RP Suggestion Thread" has gone odd!
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