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 Neránir & The Bordermen

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PostSubject: Neránir & The Bordermen   Mon May 18, 2009 3:12 pm

To fully understand The Neránians, one must understand its creation and therefore its founder:

Saruman The White had an apprentice, a Lore-Master of Men who was Dúnedain, descended from Númenórean bloodline, specifically from Anárion, one of the two Kings of Gondor along with Isildur.
Born in 2049 TA, after a secret liaison between a beautiful hand-maiden called Nehmway and Eärnur, 33rd King of Gondor, this descendant of Anárion was known as Neránir.
Having more of a love of knowledge and the old ways, Neránir was technically royal blood yet unrecognized, something which he never strove to correct. With the death of Eärnur in 2050, the unwed Nehmway kept silent and did not mention Neránir's heritage and it was believed the last heir of Anárion was gone, so ending the royal line.
She did not even admit this to him until 2080 TA, to which he accepted his bloodline but rejected his duty, admitting that he suspected as much from a dream or vision, explaining that his destiny laid not with Gondor, but with a being he knew only as "Curumo".
For years he searched texts both ancient and of different tongues until he was finally able to discern that Curumo was one of the names by which Saruman The White also went by. With blessing from his mother Neránir left Minas Tirith in 2090 and traveled to where Saruman dwelled in Ered Luin in western Eriador, finally arriving in 2093 TA seeking tutorship.

2093 TA:
Saruman recognised that Neránir was Dúnedain and took him as his apprentice, teaching him the ancient ways.
Though Saruman taught him much Neránir was Dúnedain, not Istar so much of his magic could not be passed down.
Still, Neránir was respectful of his master and trusted his teachings.

2100 TA:

In 2100 TA however, Neránir noticed a change in Saruman (something which the Wizard had not realised Neránir had picked up on) and became concerned for his master.
After broaching the subject a few times but being rebuffed, Neránir had another vision akin to the one that made him search out the wizard in the first place, which showed Saruman surrounded by flames in the shape of vast, lidless eye.
He awoke afraid, unsure what it meant for his master but aware this power was beyond his understanding.

2101 TA:
In the Summer of 2101 he approached Saruman and asked to take his leave, stating that he felt he had learned all the magic his master was able to bestow and wished to see more of the world.
Saruman who was beginning to fall under the sway of the enemy even then, but still possessed enough of his former self to not be without feeling, was sad to see his pupil leave but wished him well. Neránir left later the same afternoon.
For years he travelled Middle Earth, concerned by the troubling vision and its meaning.

2105 TA:
In 2105 TA while he was heading to the township of Bree the Lore-keeper met Arulus Vorshadir, a Man who had been wounded by bandits.
Arulus revealed himself to be one of the Rangers of Ithilien, and explained to Neránir that he had been monitoring suspicious behavior of a farmer who he had been tracking since finding him on The Greenway.
Neránir agreed to help the man, who needed time to recover from his wounds and confronted the farmer who he found to have collected Bree-folk and was torturing them for information about some magical trinket.
The farmer was possessed of some evil spirit and although Neránir was able to drive it from his body, the farmer remembered nothing of his time controlled, and information on what he was searching for was lost.
Most worryingly of all was that the creature that had held the farmer captive seemed oddly familiar to the Lore-Keeper.
Returning to Arulus, Neránir explained what had happened and of his troubling visions and Arulus explained that part of what The Rangers did was to search for such troubling scenes. It was of an evening beside the warming fires of The Prancing Pony that the two talked and agreed that The Rangers needed help in their task, and that while they moved through the wilds, the people of the towns and villages were just as open to danger and corruption and needed to be monitored and protected, thus The Bordermen were created.

2105 - 2115 TA:
Though Arulus remained one of The Rangers, he also shared responsibility with Neránir of the founding and maintaining of the Bordermen.
In fact Arulus' own eldest son, Eoralis became one of the secret Bordermen, keeping watch over at first Bree and then other towns as the Bordermen grow in number.
Secret among their own people, The Bordermen keep watch for dangerous goings-on that fall outside of the jurisdiction of the local watch.

2115 - 2127 TA:
By 2115 TA Bordermen can be found not only in Bree, but also as far west as Michel Delving, as far east as Swanfleet, as far south as Andorn and stretching north as far as Fornost. Hobbits of a more stout nature join The Bordermen and while still predominantly made up of Men, the people of the Shire present heroes as determined and courageous as their bigger cousins.

2127 - 2130 TA:
The Bordermen go from strength to strength until Arulus returns to The Rangers for good, leaving Eoralis in his stead in 2127 TA.
Later in the year Neránir mysteriously vanishes overnight leaving Eoralis in charge of the Bordermen.
The Bordermen continue to protect the Free Peoples from unseen and unsuspected dangers for many years, until Eoralis is slain by Easterlings whilst helping to protect the borders of Gondor with Rangers of The North.

2130 TA:
Eoralis' son, Naraeor becomes the leader of The Bordermen in 2130 and discovers Eoralis' last wishes, one of which is to rename the Bordermen in honour of their missing founder and mentor.
From 2130 TA they are hencegorth known as The Neránians.

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Neránir & The Bordermen
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