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Graylock is the new Kin Leader!
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 Septembre, 3018 TA

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PostSeptembre, 3018 TA

Septembre 23rd

Terrible news has reached thine ears.....

My old friend and mentor Balishaf of the horse-lands has come to pass, and not of natural cause. At first I dismissed it as nothing more than cruel banter amongst the foolish and brash patrons of the Prancing Pony, so much so that one drunk and overspoken traveller felt a slight sting as I offered my blade to his nape for suggesting such an atrocity. It now seems however that my fears have been met, Balishaf of Rohan has indeed been slain on the field of battle. An honourable death for any man and one that I wish for thyself whence the time shalt undoubtedly come.

The question that begs to be answered is what will now become of the Neránians? Maybe..nay hopefully the young heir shalt walk in his father footsteps and once again give hope to free peoples of Middle-earth, only time will tell.....

I must end this entry. I fear thine tears will wash away my words as I write this....

I must know more.
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Septembre, 3018 TA :: Comments

Re: Septembre, 3018 TA
Post on Sat Jun 06, 2009 5:09 am by Argothir
Septembre 25th

For those whom have known me well may say that I have a firm belief in fate, and it is for reasons such as today that I hold true to these thoughts.

Just two days have passed since my good friend and mentor Balishaf of Rohan was taken from this Middle-earth and whom should I meet upon travel to the town of Bree? Why his son Mythgar of course. The young laddie I once tutored has grown into a fine young man of Rohan since our last meeting and the boy I once taught thee ways of a blade seems as if he may even better me, if push ever came to shove!

I do wish that our time spent reminiscing about thee past could have been longer, but alas the son of Vorshadir had more pressing matters to discuss and I too still long for answers.

As I had hoped were not the case it now seems that matters are far worse than I had first imagined. Mythgar has betold me that Balishaf and his company of men, thyne own friends, the Neránians, were slain down to the very last man at the summit of Weathertop. Yet more harrowing to thyne ears was to hear that they were brought down by four men alone. My mind trembles to think what force could befell such a massacre on a powerful company as the bordermen of Middle-earth.

By nightfall we had made the decision that something had to be done. I sent plead to my most trusted allies, a fellow son of Gondor by the name of Greylock, and Belegorphor of the elven lands. Both are powerful warriors and will aid Mythgar with thier life if need be. I was correct in my assumptions as both man and elf answered my calling.

We met later that night at the Prancing Pony to discuss on how to act on these troubling times over a fine ale. The decision, to reform the Neránians to it's former glory and look into the mystery further. No longer shall Middle-earth be plagued by such evils, for it has a new saviour....

...A burning light in dark times.

p.s. I shall raise a glass to thyne fallen kin tonight. May their bravery not be forgotten.

Septembre, 3018 TA

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