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Graylock is the new Kin Leader!
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 Personal journal of Alyhia Vorshadir

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PostPersonal journal of Alyhia Vorshadir

September 24th, 3018 TA

Word reached me today of father's passing. It is a difficult thing to accept and even harder to write about, but in light of the choices I am about to make I fear it would be wise to put word to paper. Some record must remain if I too, might fall into shadow.
It seems almost unbelievable that someone as strong as father might fall, I have seen his prowess in combat before and have heard many a Neránian tell tales of his swordsmanship. If the letter is correct, he fell to no ordinary opponent, however.
The courier said the letter had come from my brother Mythgar and even with our years apart I still recognize his elegant scrawl.
Leadership of The Neránians has been given unto him now, I only pray he is strong enough to lead. I love my brother with all my heart, but he was always so gentle...though father wished much of him I always felt his soul played more to the quill than it did the blade. Yet time can change a man, and he is Rohirrim.
Sooner or later the call comes to us all and, in Mythgar's case that call is now.

That is why I have decided to leave Aldburg and travel to big brother's side.

September 24th, 3018 TA - Second Entry:

I have spoken with my mother Kehyali, and it is decided. Tomorrow I leave for Bree-land.

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Personal journal of Alyhia Vorshadir :: Comments

Re: Personal journal of Alyhia Vorshadir
Post on Tue Jun 16, 2009 8:24 am by Mythgar
September 25th, 3018 TA

I write nothing of my first day's travel as it was without expception, devoid of incident. As I put quill to paper I sit next to a most welcome fire in one of the great halls of most wonderous capitol, Edoras. I had forgotten just how many magnificent steeds were stationed here, mounts to the Riders of The Riddermark.
Alas, they put my own horse to shame in that he is far less spectacular but is more suited to the task of long-distance travel, a talent for which I am most grateful.

A most peculiar thing, upon arriving in Edoras I noticed a queer coldness to the people here, something I am most unused to. Having been to the city a fair few times in (admittedly) young life, the people have always been welcoming, kind and hospitable. Now it is as if a great weight rests upon their shoulders, as if even life itself were an unbearable burden. Rumours speak of some malady that has befallen the great King Théoden, though this in itself seems odd, if his legendary fortitude is to be believed.

In other circumstances I would take it upon myself to investigate these odd goings-on, but I have a more pressing task ahead. Tonight both steed and I shall rest upon straw and tomorrow we ride for The Gap of Rohan.
It will take us perilously close to Isengard which does not sit well with me at all; well known is the residence of the Great White Wizard, but sorcery makes me uneasy. Whilst I hold no ill to Saruman, I would rather avoid anything to do with him, such is my way I guess.

But now, to sleep.

I am coming, my brother.

Personal journal of Alyhia Vorshadir

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